Intro to Food Freedom

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A FREE 5-day Food Freedom and Fat Loss Lifestyle mini-course for those who want to free themselves from diet struggles and food rules and feel satisfied, so they can reach their goals for good.


  • 5 days of videos introducing you to the Fusion Fit Lifestyle and teaching you the Food Freedom Foundations so you can see firsthand what Moderation365 and Food Freedom lifestyle is like
  • Easy and enjoyable information – tools, strategies on how to practice and implement the foundations into your life right now
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So, what is Food Freedom?

Food Freedom is…. (these are just some of the positive outcomes that come out of food freedom)

  • Natural
  • Effortless
  • Enjoyable
  • Easy
  • A feeling
  • Manageable
  • Light and freeing
  • No obsession
  • No deprivation, restriction
  • Intuitive
  • Trusting
  • Permission, allowing
  • Abundance
  • Sustainable
  • Flexible and able to adapt to anywhere, anytime. Resilient
  • Satisfaction + Results
  • Never starving, never stuffed, always satisfied.
  • Empowering
  • Stress free
  • Healthy relationship with your body
  • Body confidence
  • Guilt and shame free

What is the Food Freedom and Fat Loss Lifestyle?

What are the Food Freedom Foundations?

When you’re used to following what someone tells you to eat, follow this diet, eat on this meal plan, eat or don’t eat (blank) food if you want results, it can be hard to trust yourself around food if it’s not “on plan” or within those guidelines. 

If you’re familiar with dieting and meal planning you’re used to feeling in control.  As long as you’re following that plan you feel in control and everything is going well.  But, when you’re not abiding to those rules and guidelines, it can feel scary and uncomfortable.  

I get it, you want control.  You want structure.  You want someone to tell you how to do it.   

Feeling nervous about not counting calories, tracking macros or following some structured program is totally common and natural if you’re used to doing it.  But these same things also lead you to all-or-nothing approaches, going on and off diets and plans, and feelings more stuck spinning your wheels around eating and reaching your goals.

I remember when I used to count and track everything I ate.  It felt safe and I felt in control, but the moment I would eat more than my target numbers, I’d feel accompanying feelings of anxiety.  In turn, I’d end up so overwhelmed and mentally exhausted I would give in and give up, bingeing on whatever I could get my hands on to eat.   

I finally reached a point where I didn’t want to feel like this anymore.  I recognized that counting and tracking all those calories and macros was only stressing and hurting me more than anything.  So, I embarked on a new route….one of mindfulness and moderation.  These foundational pieces of Food Freedom transformed my life and my relationship with food and eating.  In turn, they allowed me to create changes in my behaviors and body that I can maintain and manage day in and day out. 

This same Food Freedom foundation has helped numerous clients of mine achieve similar results and satisfaction in their lives as well!

“Dieting makes you dumber”

Tell me, are you following the same program you went on to get results you in the past?  How long did that last?  Chances are it got you results, then, but you’re not still doing it.  Am I right??

The Food Freedom Foundations

There are four foundational frameworks I teach in the Food Freedom curriculum.

Each foundational piece when integrated and implemented into your lifestyle allows you to not only enjoy what you eat and achieve satisfaction around any and all food, but supports you in attaining whatever goals you have and maintaining those results for the long haul.


This Introduction to Food Freedom mini-course will introduce you to the four Food Freedom foundations.

Who is Food Freedom for?

Why choose Food Freedom?

  • Have a healthy relationship with food, body, fitness, money, life...
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • No dieting, restriction, deprivation
  • Create a way that works just for you, your personal goals and preferences
  • No rules, shoulds, or following everyone else
  • Feel confident in your body and in any eating situation
  • Be empowered
  • Trust yourself to eat anywhere, any time. Never fear or feel out of control around food or eating.
  • Listen, understand and honor your body’s biofeedback, cues and signals
  • Stress free living and eating
  • Reach and attain any goal, sustain and maintain it for the long haul
  • Easy, enjoyable, effortless, simple. Naturally
  • Intention, fulfillment, mindfulness
  • Live and love your best life
  • Stop the all or nothing cycle, no more extremes or yo-yo patterns
  • Satisfaction + Results
  • Build a foundation (Food Freedom and Fat loss lifestyle first, Metabolism and attainment next)
  • Freedom
  • Eating what you love and enjoy, guilt and shame free
  • No overthinking, fear, anxiety, or obsession
  • No bingeing, feeling stuffed, or discomfort
  • Lifelong success


This is the last program you’ll ever do!

  • Go at your own pace
  • Coach support
  • Group accountability and motivation


How it works

Here’s how the intro mini-course works:

Over the course of 5 days you will learn the Food Freedom foundations.  By the end of the five days you will have a better understanding and be able to begin living the fusion fit food freedom lifestyle.

If by the end of the Intro Course you would like to delve further into Food Freedom, then I recommend you sign up for the Food Freedom Foundations Program.  

This program goes deeper into the foundations of Food Freedom and the Fat Loss Lifestyle.   The program is complete with specific practices, tools and strategies to implement so you can fully adopt and live the Food Freedom and Fat Loss Lifestyle forever.  

Plus, reach any goal you have – weight loss, body change, muscle building, performance, or something else..